Hi! We are pianobit.

We help you to build modern web architectures & websites and to develop faster & better softwares easier with high performance, real-time capabilities, scalability and advanced features.

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Fastest. I/O Engine. Ever.

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High-performance, scalable, web server.

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Our services

We focus on usability, simplicity, performance, robustness, security and mantainability.

We are a team of systems engineers/full stack developers/solutions architects/system administrators with 10+ years of experience creating web applications and services, deploying and managing infrastructures, server side softwares, middle layers and databases.

pianobit has extensive experience with many platforms and technologies including:

  • Websocket, socket.io and sockjs
  • Javascript and Node.js
  • Java, PHP, C, Lua programming languages
  • Microsoft MS SQL server, Oracle Server, IBM DB2, Postgresql databases
  • UNIX/Linux, Windows operating systems
  • Scalability, Reliability, Distributed Computing, TCP/IP, Networking, Security

We can work with your team as consultants or as an outsourced resource:

  • Outsourced resource: from software development to systems administration, give us a piece of your project and we complete or manage it, with full documentation, ticketing and automatic testing. We will deliver working code with training support.
  • Consultancy: work with us to validate and confirm your designs. We can help you to maximize performance and scalability and to avoid bottlenecks and design issues.

Support and maintenance

pianobit offers following support and maintenace options


Maintenance provides security patches and software upgrades for our products. It is available only for the commercial licensed versions of products.


Support is available for the current versions of products with a valid commercial license. We have 3 levels of support:

Basic Standard Premium
Support hours Standard business hours Standard business hours 24×7
Initial response time 2 business days 8 business hours 2 hours
Email and web support Yes Yes Yes
Phone support No No Yes
Hot bug fixes Not included Not included Included

Recent news and activities

Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2013

pianobit won the 'Cuneo Special Prize' at Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2013.

Biella Barcamper Competition 2012

ffwd»io won the third prize at TechGarage on Biella Barcamper Competition 2012.

More about us

pianobit is an Italian startup with focus on software technologies that enables faster Internet content delivery and infrastructure cost reduction for large websites, service providers, and enterprise datacenters.

pianobit seeks to make the highest performance software available. We seek to optimize the network path in modern machine, to take advantage of modern technology and to extract the power of multiple cores, vectorization, and 64 bit technology to its fullest. Our goal is to create things that are at least twice as fast as the competition.

The Internet is growing faster than ever and traditional web server products can hardly keep up with the expanded demand. Large web sites try to alleviate load problems with additional hardware purchasing. pianobit essentially eliminates the flawed IT practice of scaling through hardware expansion. Getting more performance out of existing infrastructure is pianobit's foundation.

For most of our customers, the pianobit's solutions pay for themselves within the first months of deployment.

pianobit was founded in 2012 by a team of systems engineers with many years of experience in the field.

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